Botrivier is named after the Bot River. The original inhabitants were the Khoi-khoi. They called the area "Couga" which means "lots of fat". They produced lots of fat (butter), which they traded with Dutch settlers. Trading usually took place at the crossing point on the river. The Dutch in turn referred to the commodity as "botter" so the hamlet's name is derivative of its history. Situated at the base of the Houw Hoek Mountains en route to Hermanus, Botrivier is a lush valley engulfed by mountains. It's known for its fynbos, historical wine farms, and wheat fields. It�s also known for the historical Botrivier Hotel, which was built in the early 1890s.

Contact Details

Call: +27 28 214 4205
Fax: +27 28 212 3738
Mobile: +27 79 887 4272
GPS: 34° 13' 54.74" S
  19° 25' 44.41" E
Address: Botrivier
  Cape Overberg


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