After the Castle of Good Hope, Chavonnes Battery is Cape Town's oldest major fortification and an important heritage site. Visitors are invited to put on 18th century tricorn hats (typically worn by naval and military men) before stepping below sea level for an exciting look at 17th to 19th century Cape Town. Imagine a stone-faced wall rising up from the ocean's edge with sixteen massive wall-mounted guns between them and an impressive 180 degree arc of fire. In its time, the battery witnessed everything from postal stones, shipwrecks and exiles to soldiers, slaves, settlers and convicts. Witness a cannon being loaded and fired, marching drills and flag raising routines. Displays and models are well marked and include the largest selection of muzzle-loading cannonry in South Africa.

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Call: +27 21 416 6230
Address: Nedbank/BOE Building
  Clock Tower, V&A
  City Bowl
  V&A Waterfront

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